Who We Are

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Jake`s Dog Treats was founded by Lewis (13) & Jake (7) who wanted to supply only the best 100% Natural, Grain Free Dog Treats & Chews for their Cocker Spaniel Fudge.

Lewis suffers from Autism and his dog Fudge has really helped him deal with the issues life in general faces him. Fudge has been trained as an unofficial assistance dog to Lewis, which since the family have had Fudge the difference in Lewis has been amazing.


Lewis` younger brother Jake always loves giving fudge treats and that’s where they started Jakes Dog Treats, they only give the best 100% natural grain free treats and chews to Fudge so that why only the best is good enough for your four legged best friend.

With a new Dog in the family a German Shepherd named Max – who has become the first of Jake`s Dog Treats Ambassadors who you as our customers will see fudge grow and will be showing you all of our products we have on offer for you.

Keep looking out on  our Facebook page and our website to see our Jake`s Dog Treats Ambassadors who will always who you how good our range is.