Wet Dog Food: Everything You Need to Know from Jake’s Dog Treats

Whether you are a new or longtime pet parent, providing your dog with the best food possible is one of your top priorities. At Jake’s Dog Treats we take this responsibility seriously and offer quality wet dog foods to meet the needs of all dogs. Let’s explore wet dog food to help you decide what type is right for your pup.

What Is Wet Dog Food?

Wet dog food typically comes in either cans or pouches and includes various types of proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables plus added vitamins for optimal canine nutrition. It has a much higher water content than dry kibble and may contain up to 78-80 percent moisture by volume. In comparison, most dry dog foods contain only 10-12 percent moisture. Wet dog food is also known as canned or tinned dog food, but this isn’t always accurate as some products come in plastic containers now too!

Key Benefits of Wet Dog Food

A high-quality wet dog food can provide key benefits that include:

  • Containing more protein than dry kibble due to lower carbohydrate and filler content.
  • More palatable option than dry kibble so more appealing to picky eaters.
  • Higher water content helps keep your pup hydrated especially on those hot days when they don’t want to drink their water.
  • Soft texture makes it an easy meal for puppies, elderly or sick dogs that have difficulty chewing hard kibble pellets.
  • The additional flavorings can help increase appetite in dogs who are off their regular diet due to illness or stress from a change in environment such as going away on vacation or visiting the vet!

Types of Wet Dog Foods

The types of wet foods available range from standard commercial brands like Pedigree “Moist & Meaty” which is made out of real chunks of real chicken and beef with added vitamins minerals; grain free varieties for those with wheat allergies; all natural formulas made with organic ingredients, such as Wellness CORE Grain Free Natural canned formula; and comfort foods like Gravy Train Stew with Beef & Vegetables that many pups especially enjoy during special occasions like holidays!

Are There Any Disadvantages To Feeding My Dog Wet Food?

The primary disadvantage associated with feedings your pup wet food is cost. One can or pouch is typically pricier than an equivalent weight bag of dry kibble – although you may find the cost savings balances out if you buy a larger quantity at once, look for special offers (especially around holidays!)or get creative with recipes at home! Additionally, since wet food has a higher water content it may not last as long before needing to be tossed compared to dry kibble which has a longer shelf life making storage another issue depending on availability space in your fridge freezer ete.. Finally – if you are not already familiar – please be sure to open cans carefully so that they do not accidentally spray across the kitchen…messy business!

How Can I Tell If My Pet Loves Their New Wet Food?

Most pups will eagerly dig into any bowl placed on the floor but here are a few signs that they particularly love their new meal: • They lap up every last morsel instead leaving behind some uneaten kibble • They lick their plate clean • They head straight for their bowl when dinner time rolls around • They become visibly excited when offered something from their new brand/flavour combo As always – make sure you introduce new recipes slowly so that digestive systems have time adjust accordingly and enjoy watching your pup thrive nourishing meals prepared just for them!