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If you doggy is new to 100% Natural Treats & Chews, we have put together a selection of our huge range of treats & chews.

This Try It Box Contains the following


  1. 1x 80g Pure Pate (either, chicken, duck, lamb, chicken, salmon, turkey, rabbit, or beef)
  2. 1x Pigs Inner Ear Strip
  3. 1x 25g Pack 100% Meat Nibbles (either Chicken, Lamb, Venison, Duck, or Rabbit)
  4. 1x Braided Lamb Twist
  5. 1x Natural Twist
  6. 1x Mini Beef Trachea
  7. 1x Paddywack Stick
  8. 1x Chicken Foot
  9. 1x Chicken Neck
  10. 2x Pure Meat Sticks (either Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Venison, Ostrich, Kangaroo, Salmon, Rabbit, Duck, or Lamb)
  11. 1x Fish Finger
  12. 1x Natural Rabbit Ear
  13. 1x Rabbit Ear With Fur
  14. 1x Mini Beef Burger

All For Only – £8.95

2 reviews for Brand New * TRY IT BOX *

  1. Teresa B. (verified owner)

  2. sharon c. (verified owner)

    Good to have variety and try new things our dog loves a treat

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