Broadreach Nature Advanced Probiotic Digestive Support Paste


Probiotics for dogs and cats in sizes 15ml, 30ml and 60ml in easy to use calibrated syringe formula (neutral palatable paste)

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Broadreach Nature Advanced Probiotic Digestive Support Paste

Our Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats are an Extra Strength Veterinary formulation. This is one of the very few strains of Probiotics Vets have approved in the Veterinary sector today.

These award winning products help you support your pets sensitive or over reactive digestive system. They also maintain great gut health.  Our Advanced Probiotic includes Pre-biotics to sustain the probiotics.

This award winning supplement is an advanced base formula of Bentonite Clay. Bentonite clay has been proven to be much better than the Kaolin based clay in absorbing enterotoxins.

Our Advanced Probiotics can be used from weaning age of around 4 weeks old upwards. They are also good for senior cats and dogs and come in handy syringes to make sure they’re easy to use.



15ml, 30ml


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