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Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 Lavender Scented (8 x 15)


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Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 Lavender Scented (8 x 15)

“Be the poop bag you want to see in the world, they said. So here we are. This box contains 8 rolls, with 15 bags each, for a total of 120 Earth Rated-official poop bags. They’re extra thick and leak-proof. (Because, you know. Poop.) They’re also extra long (measuring 9”x13”), and roomy enough to pick up after dogs of all sizes. Pop them into our dispenser for a perfect fit and flawless dispensing. Choose Unscented for a classic catch-all, or pick Lavender-scented and conceal your dog’s biz in a fortress of flowery freshness.”


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