Edgard & Copper Doggy Dental Adult Strawberry & Mint



Doggy Dental Mint & Strawberry

  • Extra long chew time
  • Suitable for dogs from the age of 4 months
  • Plant-based

Plaque can be stubborn, so a dental stick with staying-power is more effective. Our sticks are air-dried so it takes ages to chew through them, which means a deeper, more effective clean for your dog.

We designed our sticks to be tube-shaped, so they give a more effective clean for fewer calories. We also keep calories to a minimum by only using healthy plant-based ingredients.


Large, Medium, Small


Edgard Cooper


Composition: potato (dried, 47.5%), potato starch (dried, 23.5%), vegetable glycerin, cellulose, minerals, strawberries (dried, 0.3%), blueberries (dried, 0.3%), coconut oil (0.1%), peppermint oil (0.05%), aloe vera (dried, 0.05%). Additives:  Technological additives: antioxidants. Analytical constituents: crude protein 3%, crude fat 1%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 4.8%, moisture 22%, calcium 0.5%


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