Wood Cat Litter 30ltr

  • Cat Litter is made from 100 percent British softwood
  • Leaving your pet with a soft litter with a fresh scent
  • Give the natural smell of fresh Pine
  • Anti-microbial Cat Litter doesn’t allow germs or bacteria to form, so stops unpleasant odours forming
  • Super absorbent so all liquids will be soaked up


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Fresh Paws Wood pellet cat litter is made from 100% British softwood. It has absolutely no additives, glues, fragrances or chemicals added. Its 100% wood!. Pine has natural antibacterial properties so helps to kill germs. It also gives off a lovely fresh natural pine fragrance. Fresh Paws wood pellet cat litter is really easy to Use and dispose of, just shake the tray daily to bring fresh pellets to the surface and remove any gifts left by your pet. Dirty litter can be added to your regular household waste or to be even more environmentally friendly It makes for great compost as it is 100 percent biodegradable. The litter is super absorbent and will take up more than 3 times its own weight in liquid. Fresh Paws wood pellet cat litter can also be used for rabbits, poultry and reptiles


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