Frogg Dumbbell


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Tapping into the strength of natural rubber!

The durable Dumbbell can make for the most exciting dinner or treat time. Smear in some cheeky dog friendly peanut butter or perhaps their favourite wet food into the grooves, then watch your dog happily lick, snuffle and roll their new favourite toy around.

Frogg have used the expertise of canine behaviourists to create fun, tough and super bouncy products made with eco-friendly materials. These toys will excite your dog’s senses, provide wonderful mental enrichment and bring much joy to dogs and owners alike.

Not only are these toys designed to delight your dog, they are also made with habitat friendly natural rubber which is harvested and slowly air dried in traditional ways. These traditional methods ensure optimum strength and durability, meaning these toys will last longer than standard rubber toys and ultimately save you money.

By using natural rubber that is sourced sustainably, Frogg can help protect habitats from deforestation. Frogg even uses 100% recyclable packaging that is all certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

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