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Halti Double Ended Lead Large


The Halti Double Ended Lead provides great versatility and comfort for owners and their dogs

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The HALTI Double Ended Dog Lead provides great versatility and comfort for owners and their dog. It can be used in a variety of ways to suit different situations, from road walking to relaxed strolls, to help training and manage large boisterous dogs. It can also be used for two dogs and is perfect for puppies too!

MULTI-PURPOSE – The HALTI Double Ended Lead can be used in 8 different ways: dual control for headcollars and harnesses, 3 adjustable lead lengths, hands-free, easy to tether and two dogs!

STYLISH & COMFORTABLE – The stylish two-tone design is available in 4 fabulous colours and the trigger clips have an attractive black finish. The premium webbing is soft to hold and incredibly strong.

FUNCTIONAL & SAFE – The discreetly woven reflective strip provides high visibility for safety during night and day-time walks. The trigger clips are reinforced and incredibly strong.

COLOUR-COORDINATED – The range features a super-soft collar, a versatile walking harness with great adjustment and a variety of leads, so you can choose the colour combination that suits you best!

EXTREMELY VERSATILE – Easy to adjust for different lead lengths, it is perfect for road and country walking and even running! Hardwearing and durable, it is perfect for puppies and dogs of all sizes.


Black, Blue, Purple, Red




Length: 200 x Width: 2.5 cm


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