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➡️ Why take a test?
We have come across many pet owners in turmoil, as their pets won’t eat the foods they purchase or it just doesn’t agree with their pet. As a result they spend a fortune on different foods until they find something that suits! This test can eliminate that stress and unnecessary spending
➡️ What do our kits offer?
The kits will test for over 200 premium intolerances for your pet.
The samples can be collected in the comfort of your own home then popped in the post.
The results will be emailed direct to you and us so we can look at the results and advise you where to go going forwards.
➡️ How do I collect a sample?
To test for intolerances the kit requires a hair sample. This is done by simply acquiring 5 or 6 strands of hair, it doesn’t matter how long the strands are. If possible, send the hair from your pet’s brush or comb (as this will contain the root bulb) but if your pet doesn’t shed hair, then a cut sample is absolutely fine. Please be very careful and only cut a tiny section of fur from your pet. Do not pull hair from your pet as this can be very painful for them.
Place your pets hair in the grip bag provided and write your pet’s name on the label.
Additionally, we have also supplied you with a small green collection tube, this can be used by you to send 1 sample of anything that you think your pet is sensitive to. This could be a sample of your pet’s food, treats, shampoo, material, pollen or dust.
We only need a very small sample, so please carefully place into the small green tube, seal securely and place into its own grip seal bag and put into the box along with the fur sample and test submission form (reverse of these instructions). If you do not have any product that you want to send to us to test your pet against, that is not a problem, please just safely dispose of this collection tube.
Once you have your samples and completed the very short form, place them into the stamped addressed envelope (supplied) and pop into your nearest post box.
Please allow 3-5 business days for your sample to get to us via the Royal Mail.
➡️ What will you receive?
You will receive an email from us which will contain a 200 item Premium Pet Test result for your pet.
The results will have been analysed and extra nutritional advice will be offered based on the findings.
We think this is a really useful test for pets who seem to struggle with their food. It will assist owners to identify any problems and make the necessary changes for a healthier, happier pet🐶🧡🐾

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