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The JW® Puppy Toy Collection is designed for puppies and their unique needs. More than a toy, JW focusses on enriching playtime through intelligent designs and creating fun discoveries for puppies as they explore their new world. Give puppies something to play with and chew on with a Hol-ee® Cow Puppy Chew Toy! Made with the same durability JW customers have come to know and love, JW have created a new spin on the Hol-ee design with a Hol-ee Cow made just for puppies! Fetch it! Tug it! Stuff it with Treats! Whatever way puppies decide to play, the non-toxic, durable natural rubber is gentle on a puppy’s mouth as they chew and play with the toy. This versatile puppy toy features unique openings that allow pet-parents to stuff it with treats or kibble to turn it into a puzzle toy that provides puppies with much needed mental stimulation and entertainment.

Designed specifically for puppies

Made from tough, durable natural rubber

Non-toxic material, gentle on a dog’s mouth

Versatile toy can be stuffed with treats or kibble

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