Licki Mat Buddy


The revolutionary way to feed your dog. Lickimats are designed to be a rewarding, fun alternative to a feeding bowl or as treat time feeding mat. Buddy mats are designed to make mealtime fun; to entertain, relieve boredom and reduce stress. Ideal for encouraging a change in diet and healthier eating

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Lickimats are designed by vets to deliver a whole new feeding experience for your dog. Available in red or turquoise. The raised surface encourages licking behavior, gently stimulating the tongue providing a number of well-being benefits:

  1. Triggers endorphin release known to soothe and calm
  2. Reduces anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour
  3. Increases saliva production, boosting digestive enzymes and improving digestion
  4. Licking action scrapes bacteria from the tongue, which promotes oral hygiene and enhanced dental health
  5. Slows down the eating process so reduces reflux, vomiting, overeating, bloating and improves digestion
  6. Enhances sense of taste, making even small amounts of food far more enjoyable
  7. A tool to promote healthier eating make a change in diet fun

The perfect way to entertain dogs home alone, calm canines in distress, encourage medication or supplement consumption and foster mealtime enjoyment.


Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Turquoise


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