LickiMat Sprinkles Duck & Orange


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LickiMat Sprinkles are hand-baked crushed biscuits ready to sprinkle on Lickimats. They are healthy and fresh and have no added sugar and are wheat-free.

LickiMat Sprinkles are designed to sprinkle over the LickiMat Buddy, LickiMat Deluxe or LickiMat Wobble as tasty boredom busters for your pooch.

You can sprinkle and freeze in summer for refreshing longer lasting entertainment.

  • Soothe & Calm your dog through licking
  • Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums
  • Enjoy small treats without overfeeding
  • Keep dog entertained with tasty treats
  • Stimulate saliva to aid digestive health
  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs
  • Available in Turkey & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Broccoli, Liver, Tumeric & Black Pepper, Duck & Orange

How To Use: 

Wet the LickiMat with water or you doggos fave liquid (such as yoghurt) to create a wet surface, shake the Sprinkles onto the LickiMat  – only a small amount is required. You can the feeze or give to your pooch right away for instant entertainment




Rye Flour, Dried Duck, Oils & Fats, Orange Oil, Minerals.
Protein 15.5%, Crude Oils  & Fats 11.5%, Crude Fibres 2.2%


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