No Hide The Barbeque One

The healthy, hand-rolled alternative to rawhide. A 100% natural chew that is long-lasting, easily digested and promotes dental hygiene.



No-Hide is the super-healthy, long-lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty chew. There’s no-thing like it on Earth. The smoky, savory flavour on The Barbeque No-Hide is made with humanely raised chicken, turkey, and natural hickory smoke flavour. Each chew delivers a health, delicious chewable bliss!

With its drool-inducing combination of humanely raised chicken, turkey, and natural hickory smoke flavour, The Barbeque No-Hide® is guaranteed to bring even more joy to all your gatherings.

Like all our other flavours of No-Hide Chews, The Barbeque is super healthy, long lasting, and mind-blowingly tasty. Serve the smoky, savory chew to your dog during your own barbeques, at garden parties and picnics, and whilst on lazy-summer road trips!


Medium, Small


Composition: Brown Rice Flour, Chicken (26%), Turkey (26%), Eggs, Olive Oil, Parika, Turmeric, Banana Powder, Pineapple Stem.Additives: Technical Additive: Agar-Agar (Vegetable Gelatine) 0.29mg/kgSensory Additive: Natural Hickory Smoke Flavour 1,500mg/kg


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