Ocean Raw – Herring And Sweet Potato Meal


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Herring and Sweet Potato Meal is delicious choice for any dog, hand made in North Yorkshire at our DEFRA approved state of the art manufacturing facility, with the finest freshest fish caught on our own boats with the vegetables sourced locally from farms in Yorkshire. We believe the provenance of the food is as important as the food itself.

Available in 500g and 1KG

Herring and sweet potato is a great a source of protein, whilst Herring provides essential Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, and selenium. All of these ingredients help to keep your dogs coat, teeth and skin in fantastic condition. Our Herring and Sweet potato meal delivers the perfect dietary support for a working dog’s growth and development.


1kg, 500g


Ocean Raw


  • 90% Herring, Bone, Offal
  • 10% Sweet Potato


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