Rio Feed for Canaries Daily Feed 500g


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Rio’s missions us to bring joy to every home of the cheerful feathered pet and its owner.
Only 100% natural ingredients are selected from all over the world to produce the high quality Rio products.

Proper nutrition is the most important aspect of a pet bird’s health and well-being.
The Rio Daily Feed range of balanced feeds is meant to provide the basis for everyday nutrition.

Rio Daily Feed for Canaries is a mixture of specially selected grains and seeds loved by canaries.
The wide variety of ingredients ensures that birds get all the necessary nutritive substances.

Canary seed, rapeseed, linseed, peeled oat, white millet, Niger seed, healthy seeds, algae, calcium gluconate.

Feeding Instructions:
The daily recommendation of Rio feed for canaries is 5-10 g. Make sure that the bird has enough feed and fresh water.
During moulting period a bird need a specialised diet (use Rio Moulting Period Feed for Canaries). Store in a dry cool place.
Please Note; apart from the main feed, birds also require a balance of sand and minerals (use Rio Grit Mixture).

Made with 100% natural ingredients
High quality ingredients
Balanced feed
Strong beak & bones
Healthy feathers
Immunity protection
Provides basis for everyday nutrition
Pack Size: 500g


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