Slice N Dice Pure Pate Lamb 400g


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Finer By Nature Slice n Dice Pure Pate Sausages are the perfect training treat for most dogs. 95% meat makes these treat ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes. Use for training and reward, pocket friendly and great to handle. Can be used with interactive toys such as LickiMats and Kongs. Once opened can be stored (wrapped) in the fridge or frozen.


  • 100% Natural
  • Single protein
  • Moist and soft
  • Slice and dice to any size
  • Multiple Flavours
  • Great Value
  • Perfect for the smaller mouth
  • Perfect for puppies through to Seniors
  • Feed as a treat on a regular basis
  • 400g
  • Option to use as a meal replacement
  • Once open can be frozen

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