Smart Choice Round Snuffle Mat


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STIMULATING: Perfect choice for dogs who need more mental stimulation than other especially puppies who often have too much energy than they know what to do with. Our mat has been designed to stimulate your dogs’ natural senses to search for their food.

SLOW FEEDING: Alternative way of slowing your pooch down during feeding time thus eliminating the chances of stomach and issues such as vomiting or choking.

EXERCISE: Your dog’s nose and brain were made to hunt, track, burrow, sniff, and snort. Allowing them to search for their own food in our sniffle mat offers them mental exercise. Cognitive challenges will also help curtail destructive behaviours by keeping your puppy entertained.

ANTI-STRESS: More often than more pups who are left home alone for any period suffer from separation anxiety and end up causing troubles due to the stress and build-up of energy. A lick mat can be an extremely effective way to offer a distraction for your dog to keep your home and furniture in tacks.

SIZE: Approximate size is 40x40cm. Equipped with a non-slip base to keep the mat in place while your pet enjoys it.


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