Sotnos Travel Safety & Walking Harness



The Sotnos Travel Car Safety and Walking Harness is a comfortable accessory that will ensure your dog is safe when travelling in the car. This harness is strong and durable, with padding that makes it easier for your dog to wear for many hours at a time.

It is best used with the Sotnos Seat Belt Restraint which is sold separately helping to keep your pet in one secure place whilst the car is moving.

The harness can also be used for walking by attaching a lead. It also has reflective detailing to ensure that your dog can be seen at night.

Made with Heavy duty ABS Plastic Buckles for extra safety.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable padding
  • Reflective detailing
  • Seatbelt loop that can also be used as a grab handle and training attachment
  • A Strong and robust design
  • Designed with comfortable padding for an easy wear for extended durations
  • Features reflective detailing to ensure that your pooch can be seen at night
  • Can be used for walking your dog by attaching a lead

Extra Extra Small, Extra Small, Large, Medium, Small



Size Guide:

X Small: Neck 25-40cm Chest 35-50cm

Small: Neck 40-55cm Chest 45-62cm

Medium: Neck 50-62cm Chest 48-70cm

Large: Neck 52-72cm Chest 50-86cm


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