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  • Tranquil Adventure Collar

Twiggy Tags – Adventure Collar – Tranquil


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Twiggy Tags padded and weatherproof Adventure Collars are perfect for everyday wear. The light mesh padding is comfortable for your dog and dries quickly, perfect for every adventure from quick strolls around the block to big swims or bagging summits. Each collar has a reflective strip all around to ensure visibility in low light, and has a unique and efficient failsafe O-ring for added security.

As with all TT dog wear, our collars have been strength tested and have been made to fit from the tiniest to the largest necks. We even added a small plastic D-ring specifically for your Twiggy Tags to hang from!



Size 1, Size 2, Size 3, Size 4


Twiggy Tags



Measurements state the minimum and maximum a buckle collar can be adjusted to. To ensure a comfortable fit for your dog please allow for an additional 2-3cm (approx. two-finger) width room.

The webbing on the collar is a fixed width and is made from strong and sturdy fabric. The mesh is very lightweight, pliable and bendable so won’t dig into the dogs neck if they like to pull or keep their heads close to the ground.

Size Length
Size 1 23cm – 33cm
Size 2 30.5cm – 43cm
Size 3 38cm – 48cm
Size 4 48cm – 66cm


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