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Twiggy Tags Adventure Lead – Wanderlust


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A dog walking essential, our adventure leads are both durable and comfortable. Fully lined with super soft neoprene to prevent any rubbing if your pooch is a puller. Our leads have all been through rigorous strength-testing to withstand any dog. We have designed our very own safety carabiner clasp with a locking option for added security.

Made especially for medium-giant breeds, our large adventure lead has a larger, stronger locking carabiner to ensure a very high breaking strength of 160kg+. Made especially for small-medium breeds, our small adventure lead has a smaller locking carabiner to avoid any heaviness/bulky appearance but still has a breaking strength of 140kg+.

An option of a comfortable padded grab handle has been incorporated into the design for close control around traffic, or busy environments – only available in the large size currently.

lead features large and small png


Large, Small


Twiggy Tags


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