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Treats are a crucial part of a dogs diet and it is a simple way of motivating and appreciating your pal after a training session or when they behave nicely. So, if you are searching for a treat that is nutritious and healthy, then your search is over. We present you the Yakers Crunchy Bars 80g that is delicious and tasty. These dog treats are made with the blend of yak and cow milk, lime juice and salt.

They also have an exceptionally crunchy texture that makes it easier for your furry friend to eat and digest them. These natural dog treats will also help your dog to maintain their oral hygiene by decreasing the plaque formation and removing the tartar. This will ensure that your dog can enjoy their favourite food with comfort.

To keep your pals teeth healthy and bones strong, these tasty dog treats are also a rich source of calcium and protein. These tasty dog treats are also smoke-dried for around 28 days to give them a unique flavour that your dog craves for. Since they are also low in fat, they are a great option for dogs who are overweight.

With no added preservatives, colours and flavours they are extremely healthy and safe for your dog. No matter which dog breed, these gluten-free, vegetarian, and crunchy treats will become your friends favourite in no time!

Product Benefits

  • Made by combining Himalayan yak milk, salt, and lime juice
  • Rich source of calcium and protein that will make the dogs teeth and bone healthy
  • Perfect treat or reward for your dog
  • Crunchy texture makes them enjoyable and easy to eat and digest
  • Helps remove tartar and decrease plaque build-up




Yak And Cow Milk (100%), Lime Juice, Salt


Crude Protein (59%), Moisture (10%), Crude Ash (6%), Crude Fibre (6%), Oils And Fats (5%)


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